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Episode Studies by Clayton Barr

Snake Plissken Chronicles: Tag, You're Dead The Snake Plissken Chronicles
"Tag, You're Dead"
Snake Plissken Chronicles #4 (CrossGen)
Writer: William O'Neill
Pencils: Tone Rodriguez
Inks: Kim Werestiuk
Colors: Chris Blythe
Letters: Dreamer Design and Robin Spehar
Cover B: Michael Golden
February 2004


Big Red returns for vengeance on Snake and Captain Ron.


Story Summary


As Big Red and Snake begin a confrontation, the USPF arrive and a three-way shootout begins. The commotion allows Snake and "Jackie" to jump onto Darkstar with Ron and head out to sea. A USPF chopper gives chase, but Snake snags its tailprop with a harpoon gun, causing it to crash into the dock, taking out the USPF forces and most if not all of Big Red's gang.


As the boat heads out to sea for Snake's rendezvous with the buyer, Captain Ron lies at death's door and asks Snake what his real name is. Snake tells him and Ron then dies.


The boat meets up with the buyer's huge yacht, but the buyer is not too happy that the JFK car is all dented and shot up from the chase. Then, Marrs shows up in his blimp to take the car back to the casino it was stolen from and to kill Snake. Another shootout begins and, with "Jackie's" help, Snake kills Marrs, brings the blimp down on top of the yacht in a huge explosion, while making an escape, alone, in a small two-seat helicopter he finds on the yacht. The rich buyer and "Jackie" also manage to escape together on a small lifeboat; "Jackie" seems as if she may try to become the rich man's new girlfriend.


Snake doesn't look back, having escaped with the $30 million. But he knows that with his luck, he won't be rich for long.




Didja Know?


Snake Plissken Chronicles was a 4-issue comic book mini-series published by CrossGen in 2003. I borrowed the title of the series to use as the overall title of the Snake Plissken stories studied here on PopApostle.


The issues of this series do not have published individual titles assigned to them. I assigned the title "Tag, You're Dead" based on a line of dialog in the issue.


Characters appearing in this issue


Big Red (dies in this issue)

Snake Plissken

Captain Ron Hill (dies in this issue)


Brusilov (dies in this issue)

Yacht captain (unnamed, called Gilligan by Snake; dies in this issue)

The buyer (unnamed)



Slim Timm (mentioned only)


Didja Notice?


On page 1, "Jackie" tells Big Red, "You think you're so Saturday Night Fever, but you're more of a Thank God It's Friday type of guy, if you know what I mean." As stated in the study of "Captain Ron", Saturday Night Fever was a hit 1977 disco film. Thank God It's Friday was a bomb 1978 rip-off of Saturday Night Fever.


On page 1, Big Red tells Snake to back up because, "Me not member of Village People." The Village People are an American disco band associated with gay culture.


On page 4, the injured Ron asks Snake what the commotion is and Snake responds, "Blue meanies." This may have a double meaning as in "the men in blue" (the police) and a reference to the "blue meanies" who were the villains in the 1968 Beatles surreal animated film Yellow Submarine.


On page 7, the dying Ron asks Snake to tell him his real name as one last favor. Snake obliges, whispering it to him. Of course, we don't get to hear it and Ron merely says, " shit," before he dies.


On page 9, Snake yells up to the towering yacht of their buyer, referring to the captain as Gilligan. This is a reference to the 1964-1967 sitcom Gilligan's Island, about a group of castaways on an uncharted island on which they'd been shipwrecked; Gilligan was the bumbling first mate of the shipwrecked SS Minnow.


On page 10, "Jackie" tells Snake that despite how much the JFK assassination car is worth, she still thinks the A-Team van is cooler. The A-Team was a 1983-1986 action TV series about a group of mercenaries; they often travelled in a souped-up black and red GMC van.


Also on page 10, the buyer says that with the JFK car, "The ladies back in Bollywood will be all over me now." Bollywood is a nickname for the Indian film industry, based in Mumbai, India.


On page 12, Marrs calls Snake an "asp hole".


On page 17-18, Snake tears a whole in Marrs' blimp and tosses his lighter inside the rent to set it aflame. But blimps traditionally use helium gas for inflation and lift and helium is non-flammable! Long ago hydrogen was used in blimps and zeppelins, resulting in such disasters as the Hindenburg explosion of 1937. It would be foolhardy and dangerous for Marrs to have used hydrogen in his blimp.


According to the "Test Your Power of Pop Observation" article at the end of this issue, the lighter Snake uses to blow up Marrs' blimp is a Zippo Violent Messiahs lighter. Violent Messiahs is a comic book series by the writer and artist of Snake Plissken Chronicles, William O'Neill and Tone Rodriguez, with Joshua Dysart.


The historic JFK assassination car is destroyed in this issue.


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