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Episode Studies by Clayton Barr

Snake Plissken Chronicles: Dead Man's Switch The Snake Plissken Chronicles
"Dead Man's Switch"
Escape from New York #12 (BOOM Studios)
Writer: Christopher Sebela
Artist: Maxim Šimić
Colorist: Marissa Louise
Letterer: Ed Dukeshire
Cover A: Jason Copland
November 2015


A jerk in a jet car versus F-14 fighter jets!


Story Summary


Snake and Johnny face off in fisticuffs and Snake allows Johnny to beat him up. He's saving his "fight back" for the U.S. jets heading to bomb New York. Johnny then agrees to Snake's insane plan to merge the rocket car and the Gulffire jet glider into one aircraft, which Snake then pilots in combat against a pair of F-14 fighter jets flying into NYC for a bombing run. Snake defeats the F-14s, then maneuvers the former president/duke into his own downfall in the eyes of his followers.


Didja Know?


The issues of this series do not have published individual titles assigned to them. I assigned the title "Dead Man's Switch" as it conforms to Snake's actions in the story. 


Characters appearing in this issue


Snake Plissken

Lappawinsoe (aka Johnny)

The Duke of New York (former President Harker)

President Sutter


Anton Bulgarov


Didja Notice?


On page 10, Johnny says, "Paul Revere time," as he and the Lenape Indians ride through New York shouting, "The Americans are coming!" Paul Revere (1734-1818) was a Patriot of the American Revolution who warned the Colonial militias of the approach of British forces before the battles of Lexington and Concord. Popular legend says he rode through the countryside at those times shouting, "The British are Coming!" though his actual warnings came much more clandestinely, requiring secrecy.


The rigged-together Gulffire/rock-car combo craft is called the Hellfire by the Lenape mechanics.


On page 13, President Sutter and Snake exchange the following dialog:

Sutter: Plissken! You can't stop this. You're dead!

Snake: Yeah. Everyone seems to think that.


The U.S. fighter jets that Snake engages in the jet car appear to be F-14s.


On page 20, followers of the New Church of Satan watch the former president's speech. This is presumably the same Satanic church that the Satanists who appeared in "Public Enemy No. 1" were part of; the woman sitting on the throne looks similar to Jayne from that issue. The other viewers shown in different locations on this page are also associated with past issues of the Escape from New York comic book. The man in Tunguska looks to be Anton Bulgarov.


On page 22, the following exchange takes place:

Convenience store clerk: You look familiar. Holy--are you Snake Plissken?

Snake: No. I'm nobody. Besides, from what I hear...Snake Plissken is dead." 


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