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Episode Studies by Clayton Barr

Snake Plissken Chronicles: Captain Ron The Snake Plissken Chronicles
"Captain Ron"
Snake Plissken Chronicles #2 (CrossGen)
Writer: William O'Neill
Pencils: Tone Rodriguez
Inks: Digital Chameleon
Colors: Chris Blythe
Letters: Dreamer Design and Robin Spehar
Cover B: Travis Smith
September 2003


Caged and bound, Snake is sent plunging to the bottom of the Atlantic Ocean.


Story Summary


Picking up from last issue, Snake is sinking to the bottom of the Atlantic Ocean, bound and caged in a crab pot. After slicing through the ropes binding his hands against the bars of the crab cage, Snake uses the floating buoy attached to the crab pot to help him force open the cage door. Escaping the cage, he rises to the surface and gasps in the air. He begins swimming towards shore, knowing he won't be able to make it before hypothermia sets in. But he is found by a fisherman, Captain Ron Hill, who pulls him aboard.


Snake wants revenge against Marrs, deciding he will steal the assassination car before Marrs can to humiliate him, then kill him. Snake has a plan to use a boat for the theft and asks Ron to join him for half the stake, but Ron decides a life of crime is not for him at his advanced age. Snake seems to be on the verge of killing Ron in order to take his boat, when the local crime boss, Big Red, makes an appearance, demanding protection money from Ron. Big Red recognizes Snake and orders one of his men to kill him, but Snake turns the tables and kills Big Red's men before the man himself manages to get away.


Realizing Big Red is not going to leave him alone, Ron agrees to Snake's heist plan and they head to the seaside Dead President's Casino in the fishing boat in the middle of the night, with the plan of stealing the car and loading it onto the boat. Snake uses air vents in the building to gain entrance to the car's showroom and he successfully hot wires it, planning to drive it out to the boat. Just then a hostess for the attraction dressed as Jackie Kennedy discovers him there. And so does Marrs and a couple of his men, arriving to carry out their own heist of the vehicle.




Didja Know?


Snake Plissken Chronicles was a 4-issue comic book mini-series published by CrossGen in 2003. I borrowed the title of the series to use as the overall title of the Snake Plissken stories studied here on PopApostle.


The issues of this series do not have published individual titles assigned to them. I assigned the title "Captain Ron" for the fisherman who becomes Snake's ally in this issue.


Characters appearing in this issue



Snake Plissken

Captain Ron Hill

Big Red



"Jackie Kennedy" (hostess, real name unknown)


Didja Notice?


As Snake plunges into the depths of the Atlantic Ocean, Marrs, up on the boat, says, "So long, Plissken. Say hello to Captain Nemo for me." Captain Nemo is the eponymous antihero and captain of the scientific wonder submarine Nautillus of the Jules Verne novels Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea (1870) and The Mysterious Island (1874).


Apparently Snake is known as "...the greatest escape artist ever...he can get out of anything, anytime."


After slicing through the ropes binding his hands against the bars of the crab cage (pot), Snake uses the floating buoy attached to the crab pot to help him force open the cage door. Crab pots are normally attached to a buoy by a long tether in order to mark the location of the trap for later retrieval (although you'd think in this case Marrs would have disconnected the buoy so that no one would find Snake's body; in fact, exactly that happens!).


The sea captain who rescues Snake from the water is named Captain Ron Hill. Possibly the "Captain Ron" part of the name is based on the character of Captain Ron Rico played by Kurt Russell in the 1992 film Captain Ron. The "Hill" part of the name here was inspired by the co-producer of both Escape from New York and Escape from L.A., Debra Hill. Additionally, his boat here is named Darkstar, after the spaceship Dark Star from John Carpenter's 1974 film of the same name (in Captain Ron, the boat he pilots is called the Wanderer). According to the "Test Your Power of Pop Observation" article in Snake Plissken Chronicles #4, the boat itself is based on the one in Jaws (Quint's boat, the Orca).


Ron tells Snake that everything the Armenian called Big Red knows about America he learned from Saturday Night Fever. Saturday Night Fever is a 1977 film about a young man who likes to spend his weekends disco dancing. The suit Big Red wears is very similar to that worn by John Travolta in the film.


When Big Red asks who Snake is, Ron says he's just a fare looking for a ride to Wildwood. Wildwood is a small seaside city in New Jersey.


As Snake kills his henchmen, Big Red tells his driver, "Get me out of this disco inferno!" "Disco Inferno" is a 1976 song by the Trammps that was part of the soundtrack of Saturday Night Fever.


Big Red's car appears to be a Cadillac. It has a personalized license plate reading BIG RED.


Ron tells Snake he would like to go to Rio with his share of the heist money. This is a reference to Rio de Janeiro, a popular resort city in Brazil.


The hostess who discovers Snake in the JFK car is dressed as Jackie Kennedy, in just the manner she was on the day of her husband's assassination.


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