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Episode Studies by Clayton Barr

Snake Plissken Chronicles: A Little Class The Snake Plissken Chronicles
"A Little Class"
Snake Plissken Chronicles #3 (CrossGen)
Writer: William O'Neill
Pencils: Tone Rodriguez
Inks: Kim Werestiuk
Colors: Chris Blythe
Letters: Dreamer Design and Robin Spehar
Cover B: Tone Rodriguez and Travis Smith
November 2003


Snake, Captain Ron and Jackie O. escape the Dead President’s Casino in President Kennedy’s car.


Story Summary


Snake floors the accelerator of the JFK assassination Continental and races into the cargo elevator of the casino to escape Marrs. Then he races through the second floor of the casino and crashes through a window and into the Atlantic City boardwalk. Chased by the AC police, Snake is aided by Ron in the Humvee, but a USPF helicopter soon intervenes and disables the Hummer. Snake circles back and "Jackie" helps Ron aboard the car. The helicopter pilot tries to blow up the speeding vehicle, but smashes into a pedestrian bridge instead, allowing our anti-heroes to escape.


Meanwhile, Marrs is taken to meet the owner of the Dead Presidents Casino, who is sure he must know who stole the Continental. Marrs tries to play it cool and says maybe they can still retrieve it.


The Continental runs out of gas and Snake swipes a gas card from a bus driver to refuel it a gas station, blowing up the bus in the process. That's Snake for ya.


Snake, Ron, and "Jackie" arrive at Ron's boat and load the Continental onto it...just as Big Red returns and shoots Ron.




Didja Know?


Snake Plissken Chronicles was a 4-issue comic book mini-series published by CrossGen in 2003. I borrowed the title of the series to use as the overall title of the Snake Plissken stories studied here on PopApostle.


The issues of this series do not have published individual titles assigned to them. I assigned the title "A Little Class" based on a line of dialog in the issue.


Characters appearing in this issue


Snake Plissken





Captain Ron Hill

Slim Timm

Big Red



Didja Notice?


As he did in "Garden State", Marrs mocks Snake's name, this time calling him Cobra Francisco.


On page 6, Snake drives the Continental through the casino and crashes through a second story window, to head for the boardwalk. The Atlantic City Boardwalk was the first boardwalk in the United States, opening on June 26, 1870.


On page 7, the two Atlantic City police officers who shoot at Snake during his escape towards the boardwalk are possibly intended to be twins, as they both appear to have the last name Sparks on their name badges. One of them is T. Sparks. (According to the "Test Your Power of Pop Observation" article in Snake Plissken Chronicles #4, T. Sparks is the name of an actual Atlantic City police officer the creators met at a signing there the previous year.)


On page 8, Snake and the police drive past DJ's Comics on the boardwalk. As far as I can tell, this is a fictitious comic book store for Atlantic City, though there is such a business in Wallingford, CT. In the windows of the comic book store are taped several ads for what appears to be Violent Messiahs, a comic book series by the writer and artist of Snake Plissken Chronicles, William O'Neill and Tone Rodriguez, with Joshua Dysart.


On page 11, panel 6, a gunshot at the Continental from the pursuing helicopter enters the back of the JFK mannequin's head and exits through the front of its face, taking the left eye with it. This is similar to the second bullet that fatally injured President Kennedy, though it exited his skull higher on the forehead, not near/through the eye socket.


On page 13, there appears to be a store called Spam on the boardwalk. 


Panel 7 of page 13, showing "Jackie" helping Ron aboard the fleeing Continental is nearly identical to a shot from the Zapruder film of the JFK assassination of Jackie Kennedy and Secret Service Agent Clint Hill (ironically, Ron's last name in the comic is also Hill).
Jackie and Ron Zapruder frame 375


On page 14, "Jackie" remarks on how she had been thinking of calling in sick, staying in bed, and watching Love Story. Love Story is a 1970 romantic drama film.


On page 15, we see a gigantic statue of an elephant called Lucy, built in 1881 and now owned by Slim Timm. Lucy the Elephant is a real world piece of novelty architecture built in 1881 by James V. Lafferty in Margate City, New Jersey to help attract tourists and sell real estate; it still exists there as a tourist attraction today.


On page 16, Slim Timm tells Marrs that his associates in Duck Town would be impressed. Ducktown is an historically Italian-American district of Atlantic City, with connections to the Mafia in the past.


When Marrs truthfully tells Slim Timm that the Continental was stolen by Snake Plissken, Timm retorts, "Do you take me for a fool? Everybody knows Snake Plissken is dead."


On page 17, Snake and his reluctant allies stop for gas at Goldie's Gas. This appears to be a fictitious establishment. (According to the "Test Your Power of Pop Observation" article in Snake Plissken Chronicles #4, the station is named after Kurt Russell's longtime girlfriend/partner Goldie Hawn.)


A water tower with a smiley face painted on it is seen in the background, suggesting Snake and friends may be in Margate, near the former site of Lucy the Elephant before it was taken as part of Slim Timm's collection (the real Margate has just such a water tower near the Lucy site).


After Snake swipes a gas card from a bus driver to fill the Continental, he is held at gunpoint by a pack of senior citizens on the bus led by an old woman claiming to be the headmaster of Senior Citizens for an Armed America, Troop 357. This is a fictitious organization, although probably not too far from reality.


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