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Episode Studies
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This is PopApostle's study of the Snake Plissken movies and comic books. I have chosen to call these studies the Snake Plissken Chronicles, borrowing the title of the comic book mini-series published by Crossgen Entertainment in 2003, as I like the sound of it. Here, I am presenting my studies relating to each, such as commentary on the weapons and equipment used by the characters, sound bits of memorable dialog, screen grabs and my own musings.


Even though there are no TV episodes featuring Snake Plissken at this time, I am continuing to use the term "episode" here as I have elsewhere on PopApostle, as a separable piece in the continuous narrative of a larger story.

Snake Plissken Chronicles: The Bank Robbery Escape From New York Snake Plissken Chronicles: Public Enemy No. 1 Snake Plissken Chronicles: Freedom Isn't Free The Snake Plissken Chronicles: Collared
"The Bank Robbery" Escape from New York Public Enemy No. 1 "Freedom Isn't Free" "Collared"
Deleted introductory scene from Escape from New York Movie Escape From New York #1 (IDW) Escape From New York #2 (IDW) Escape From New York #3 (IDW)
Former U.S. war hero turned criminal Snake Plissken robs the Bank of the United States. When the U.S. president crash-lands on Manhattan, which has been converted to a walled prison for brutal prisoners, Snake Plissken is promised a pardon to rescue him. Humiliated by playing the wrong tape for the Hartford Summit, the U.S. President revokes Snake's hard-won pardon and sends the USPF after him again. Snake is imprisoned in the Brig in Florida. Snake is held captive and forced to train the F.R.F. troops for the Twins.
Snake Plissken Chronicles: Don't Let a Snake into the House Snake Plissken Chronicles: Siberia Bob Snake Plissken Chronicles: Snake on a Train Snake Plissken Chronicles: The Tunguska Touch Snake Plissken Chronicles: Escape from Siberia
"Don't Let a Snake into the House" "Siberia Bob" "Snake on a Train" "The Tunguska Touch" "Escape from Siberia"
Escape From New York #4 (IDW) Escape From New York #5 (IDW) Escape From New York #6 (IDW) Escape From New York #7 (IDW) Escape From New York #8 (IDW)
Snake orchestrates the fall of the Free Republic of Florida. Snake is sent back to Siberia! Snake and the 81st Battalion commandeer the Trans-Siberian Railway. Snake learns the truth about the battalion's mission at Trakhanov Gulag. Snake does what he does best.
Snake Plissken Chronicles: Escape to New York Snake Plissken Chronicles: A-Number-One Snake Plissken Chronicles: Statute of Liberty Snake Plissken Chronicles: Dead Man's Switch Snake Plissken Chronicles: Garden State
"Escape to New York" "A-Number-One" "Statute of Liberty" "Dead Man's Switch" "Garden State"
Escape From New York #9 (IDW) Escape From New York #10 (IDW) Escape From New York #11 (IDW) Escape From New York #12 (IDW) Snake Plissken Chronicles #1 (CrossGen)
Snake returns to New York in order to break into the prison. Snake learns the new Duke of New York is the former President of the United States. Snake is at the mercy of the former president he betrayed. A jerk in a jet car versus F-16 fighter jets! Snake travels down the Garden State Parkway to Atlantic City to meet some accomplices for a new heist.
Snake Plissken Chronicles: Captain Ron Snake Plissken Chronicles: A Little Class Snake Plissken Chronicles: Tag, You're Dead    
"Captain Ron" "A Little Class" "Tag, You're Dead"    
Snake Plissken Chronicles #2 (CrossGen) Snake Plissken Chronicles #3 (CrossGen) Snake Plissken Chronicles #4 (CrossGen) The Adventures of Snake Plissken #1 (Marvel) Escape From New York #13 (IDW)
Caged and bound, Snake is sent plunging to the bottom of the Atlantic Ocean. Snake, Captain Ron and Jackie O. escape the Dead Presidentís Casino in President Kennedyís car. Big Red returns for vengeance on Snake and Captain Ron. Up and Running Get the Hell Off My Lawn
Escape From New York #14 (IDW) Escape From New York #15 (IDW) Escape From New York #16 (IDW) Movie  
Draw The Cleveland Revolution Burning Down the House Escape from L.A.